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Infinitum is the biggest and most personal project I’ve worked on. It started in 2005 at a College class with professor Claudia Bolshaw, at the Design Course of Pontifícia Universidade Católica [PUC] from Rio de Janeiro.

Me and Gabriel Pires got together as a team to elaborate a 30 minute film to the city’s planetarium, which is beside the College. We tried different roles, characters and techniques, always in dialogue with the chief astronomer there. As a class final product, we had developed the script, characters designs, storyboard and the animatic of Infinitum.

The story is about four teenagers that sit in pairs at school to play an astronomical game called Infinitum. The objective is to be the first team to launch a discovering satellite into the black hole at the end of the board, and as they start to play, we enter their imagination as if they were really travelling Space…

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Blue team poster

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Red team poster

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Movie shots